Friday, March 27, 2009

Extraordinary Leather Bow Belt!

*Adjustable at both sides*

Suitable for trench coat, tops, dresses or pair it to jeans...

Could be waist clincher or as a belt...2 ways functional belt...

Available in Brown & White(SOLD)

Price: RM25 only NOW RM8!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

G2k Inspiration Pinafore

* adjustable straps*

*knee-length skirt*

S size (up to 25")

Price: RM44 NOW RM28!!!!!!

Available : Grey, Black

Embroidery + Eyelet Top

Pleated below bust line

Oh...So lucky that Treble could find an Embroidery top comes with eyelet sleeves for you.
Length: 75cm
This piece could fit up to L size
Price: RM 35 only NOW RM25!!!

Pretzel Top

*sorry that I didn't iron it up :p*

This piece is so adorable. It could be a dress for a petite or a long top for everyone with a tight pants or skinny jeans.

*Imported from Bangkok*

Length: 84cm

Fits up to L size

Price: RM 38 only NOW RM25!!!


Lacey Basic Top

Fits S-M size
RM20 only NOW RM12!!!

Headphone T

Featured in "Diary of an E-Shopaholic"

A cute Headphone T is the most fav piece among girls to be added in their wardrobe collection.
Colours as in the 1st picture.
Fits S size [strechable cotton material]

RM19 only

Simply White

We named it Simply White!

There are so called 'Chinese style' buttons in front that you usually found in cheongsam.

Adjustable at the back for your bust line.

It could be worn with an inner spagetthi top or for hot result, just wear it with a bra :)

Fits S-M size

*inner piece is not included*

Price: RM 25 only NOW RM12!!!


Sequince Jacket

RM 18 only NOW RM10!!!

Available: Pink, Grey, Black

Below piece is #7024 in Treble2Friends @ RM29

Vest cum Scarf

Reviewed by "Apple to My eye"

This piece has a special design of combining vest & scarf with 2 lovely pockets in front.

Just wear it with a basic top, and you will definately look casual although it's just a simple mix.

Price:RM25 only NOW RM18!!!


Benz A-Line Top

This is an inspiration of Benz logo top...Although extra a line of Benz logo... :P
It's A-Line Top...with folded short sleeves
It looks great with a pair of skinny jeans or 3/4 tight pants :)
Material: Cotton
Length: 70cm
Fits up to M size
Price: RM24 only NOW RM14!!!
Availabe : Blue, Purple

Polka Dots Cutie Dress

Material: Satin + Cotton
Length: 81cm
Fits S-M size [Strechable]
Price: RM42 NOW RM28!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Satin Classical!

Spotted by "A Shopaholic's Den"

TrebleMelody knows gals love satin dresses! So, intro this 3 designs of Satin Classical for you.

-Cocoa Classical-(Sold)


-Banana Classical- (Sold)


-Apple Classical-(Sold)

Smocked back and tie-back sash

Deep V-cutting
Price: RM46 NOW RM28!!!

Feminine Ruffles - BF Shirt!

Featured in "Style2.Info"

TrebleMelody brought you this Feminine type of BF shirt! It's very lovely. It can be short dress for petite as it has layer ruffles at the bottom =)

Price: RM55 only